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I am looking to buy a system 2 aircon for my new HDB flat.

This time, plan to buy a Mitisbushi Electric.

Saw this model on Courts/Gain City:

Outdoor - MXY3A28VA
Indoor - MSYGE10VA x 2
Price : ~$2,600 (inc. installation)

Would the outdoor unit be a overkill? Should I settle for a lower power outdoor unit MXY2E20VA (package cheaper by $200)?

Is this price reasonable?
suggest to avoid giant retailers without real expertise on aircons. they will usually push u away and refer back to their contractors if **** happens. i guess gain city is alright since they started as aircon guys.

if you are unfamiliar, i suggest u look for installers who really know their stuffs. once bitten twice shy. i rather pay a little more for reliable services.

or you can try my usual guys from newway. bought a system 3 from them previously and they have been servicing my aircons since.

tried and tested. happy with their workmanship and service.
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