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I'm currently year 2 in the School of BA in NP under the BIT course which isn't available anymore. So during the DPA interview, the atmosphere is usually intense however you shouldn't be afraid of it, try to indulge in a casual conversation with the interviewers and make sure they know how much passion you have for the certain course. I think your portfolio place a huge part and try to get as many testimonials from your teachers. Your aptitude for outside world learning mainly comes from your portfolio so make sure you tidy up all your workshop/competition/award certificates into a file and you can hand them all up during the interview. It might be different for HMS students because they usually conduct interviews in a group so you might not get the chance to do so. I think the most important thing is to sound confident and passionate as well as how the course will benefit you in the future. Even if you're in a group, make sure to stay poised and smile at all times. Let them know through the tone of your speech that you're hungry for a slot into their course. It will be really good if you have experience or soft skills related to that course. Overall, don't be afraid of the interviewers, make them laugh and smile everything is going to be fine!
What if i dont have a portfolio to support all my words ? Because the courses im applying are all IT related and theres not really much work thats done in secondary school that is related to IT :/
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