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geez didn't know the TDS is just 1 part of checking the quality of the water.

my impression is that the chlorine in the water is good enough to kill the bacteria, hence boiling is not even necessary.

my filtered water by Zerowater in fact taste quite good.

after trying Zerowater, I can't stand the taste of tap water, even boiled 1.

so wuss, thou not important, may I ask what is the TDS reading for your filtered water?

I'm not sure whether I would be disappointed with the taste after I switched to these canister filter.

Indeed there is not much bacteria in our water. This is the data that PUB would certify right up to our rooftop water storage tanks point for our HDBs.
So what is left is the short distance of pipes from the rooftop to our homes. So it will be very safe in practice, in most cases.
I know that homes that are like less than 20 metres above sea-level gets water directly from the ground pipes, but that's another story.

Water testing parameters for water storage tanks.

Small amts of bacteria present no issue. However solid carbon blocks harbour bacteria growth quite easily, followed by GAC and then other filter media. So that is why even if say you just run about 10 litres worth of water (eg 50ml per day) through the filter for about 7 months, it still is high time to change the filter despite the solid carbon block filter still having ample remaining capacity. That's the reason why Manufacturers spec between 3-6 months replacement periods.
The possible bacteria biofilm growth is really more on the exterior portions of the block. Remember that the chlorine is already vastly adsorbed and the chloramine is also quite reduced, post filter.

Not sure if you have seen the PUB water data. Tekong does seem to use monochloramine, maybe coz the waterworks and consumer point-of-use distances at the SAF camps are not large?

I don't have experience with the low TDS options like nanofiltration, ion exchange resins, RO, distillers. So i am not sure what kind of taste are you after, that flat taste possibly a wee bit acidic of very low TDS water, or the normal water taste but nicely filtered with CTO solid carbon blocks. CTO stands for Chlorine, Taste, Odour.

Guess you'd just need to try things out.
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