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for somebody who hasn't used surface products... you spew too much negativity. it's like you have this mission to visit all surface threads here and point out bad things you just "read" from somehere.

anyway as a surface pro 4 owner, my only concern with my device when I bought it was the light bleed. with the new release, it has been reported that this issue is now gone (source: windows central)

for throttling issues, I have no concern since I only use it for normal media/internet consumption. the main selling point of Surface for me is its mobility, the pen/touch support and 2 in 1 features that cannot be attained by just having a laptop. if gaming is your thing / heavy duty computing then this is not the device for you. that's why you have the gaming laptop category right?

with regards to the "teething issues" these were all fixed with regular software updates. all of those that were reported are already fixed and I dont think this will reoccur with the newest line of Surface products.

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