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No problem, just helping out a fellow modder.

The heat has to go somewhere, be it air cooled or water cooled. The only difference is that for air cooling u would have to remove heat from the heatsink while for watercooling, you would have to remove heat from the radiator. Both method would require good air flow in your table/casing to remove the heat away unless your radiator is placed outside the enclosed space, in which it would be a entirely different matter.

If you are really concerned about the number of fans, i would suggest that you cut out more fan holes and do something similar like a removable lid to cover the fan holes if u dont require so many. I mean since u are designing and constructing your own table design anyways so why not. I believe your woodworking friend would be able to help u out in designing a secure screwless removable lid.
Well yeah, you're definitely right about the heat. So far I have 6 fans. 2 for intake, 2 for exhaust, and 2 on the watercooling radiator. As you can see from the 3D renders, the Radiators and laid flat, with the fans on top. There will be a whole underneath the radiator for the radiator fan to blow the hot air down to below the table.
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