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How does IPT work for me?

Abit of background, I ORD-ed on September 2013 and defaulted on both IPPT and RT on 2014 and 2015 respectively when my cycle opened on December. Was not fined for both of them, just go in and receive verbal warnings.

So being abit scared, I go complete all 20 sessions of RT last year. But this year, I have a bit of commitments to do and it totally slipped my mind.

I went ahead to check the IPT thingy, said that 10 sessions was enough. Then I realized that upon completion of the 10 cycles of IPT, if still fail IPPT, I still have to go and complete 10 RT cycles within that year.

Can someone help me confirm whether I really need to complete 10 cycles of IPT and RT each this year? Like that I might as well go attempt 1 IPPT, fail and go for RT the following year.

And also, if I get charged this year for not attempting, is it considered 1st time or 3rd time?

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