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If thing have not change, this is how IPT work.

Fail IPPT in order to book the 1st session of IPT.

After your 10th session of IPT, you do not needs to go for any RT sessions even you fail your IPPT.

In short, it is only 11 times (1 x IPPT session + 10 x IPT sessions).
correction to your post bro.

One does not need to specially book a non-ICT IPPT inorder to go for IPT.

Once the new window is available, you can directly book for your first IPT. However, take note that your first and last session (1st and 10th) has to be without "(No Test)" indicated in the session timeslot selection as this shall be a IPT-IPPT.

The description of "IPT-IPPT" will be updated automatically in the system by the next day.

Therefore, only a total number of 10 sessions of IPT is required to clear your window.
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