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went LCH for servicing today. Previously, I always did my servicing in SG workshops and authorised dealer.

all technicians are well trained
fast servicing
reasonable pricing as mentioned by other bros for servicing
Misc items priced decently (replacement of wiper, rotating, balancing)
I kept asking for rough price before commitment but boss seem to ignore my qn. (fortunately, when the bill came, pricing is reasonable)

High tyre camber alignment pricing (60RM for 1 camber nut and labor)
I asked around and also did some research: this camber alignment apparantly is good to have but not tested/required in most normal commercial cars without major accident/dmg.
Apparantly some other workshops in JB also charge cheaper for this service.

Felt LCH should not have recommended it as it is a ''good to have alignment''.
However, i still went for it due to many good reviews for them in summary here. And they tell me they cannot align without me purchasing the nut. I did servicing so many years 1st time hear this.
May i know what car are you driving? I was charged RM65/pc for camber nut. Not upset about price difference, just curious why is there price discrepancy. I'm driving avante by the way.

I also read that camber nut is actually not needed but almost all workshops across the causeway will offer this because it is easier to rectify/solve issues with the nut.

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