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Angry Borderlinx - horrible, refused to repack my shipment

I'll just let pictures do most of the explanation.

1) Box was too large for the contents (that's Amazon's fault, heh)
2) Usually, forwarders will help cut down the outer box (done so very often, with ComGateWay)
3) Borderlinx refused to repack/cut-down my box, despite my email request to check again
4) Got charged an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE fee for shipping a huge box with lots of air
5) Bonus: You can tell that my poor hard disk has been "swimming" around in a big empty box. bad for harddisks.

I've stopped using Borderlinx for many years, after I felt CGW had much better service. Trying Borderlinx again because of the 20% discount. BAD MISTAKE.
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