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Wow, what a rip off. But Borderlinx has ripped me off as well and rejected repacking clothes...

I still don't understand why you guys are not using ShopAndShip. In your example, 3.5kg shipment would cost you the total of S$45. I have no physical ability to test it out in Singapore, since I moved to Dubai (where I discovered S&S since it is UAE company), but this is what I would be using in SG too.

S&S doesn't charge by volumetric weight but by physical (real) weight. Lifetime membership cost US$45 but you can get it for free with the coupons located here.

Please check S&S rates here, details below:

Seriously, is vPost or CGW cheaper than that?
The only S&S con is that they do not offer consolidation. Delivery is by Aramex courier.
Registered an account, thank you!

I'll need to try it out to see first. I recently shipped a harddisk from Amazon via CGW, for around US$18 (1KG). The good thing was that it arrived really quickly, and I have a great relationship with the DHL guy who serves my area.

Will take time to use and try. I also have accounts with 2 other forwarders, too lazy and risk averse to try at the moment.
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