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SingTel Fibre - Port Forwarding / DynDNS Behind Optical Network Terminal

Sorry folks to dig out an old thread. Just gotten Fibre upgrade from ADSL and I face the same issue as above.

Same configuration. ONR->old DLINK Router->Switch->Servers
ONR is
old DLINK Router is
There is a Server at that I had port forwarding and DynDNS done when I was doing ADSL. Nothing at DMZ.

The above works well in ADSL2+ through an old Aztech Modem
However, with the new SingTel Fibre ONR - it doesnt work anymore. DynDNS client pickups a address which will redirect to the ONR login page - probably doesnt even hit my router and hence the forwarding rules dont work.

Can the masters and experts here please advise ? Thank you !
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