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For best speed/reliability direct via cat6

For wireless vs Homeplug , I would say it depends on several factors.

1. location
when using wireless in the open without any blockage (i.e walls) wireless on 5Ghz band achieve around 185Mbps
In the room a wall away from the router 5Ghz not really usable/reliable 2.5Ghz at around 20Mbps. Using Apple Macbook Pro.
Home plug in room achieve around 100Mbps (both up and down).Using TP-Link 1000 Mbps 2-Port Gigabit Pass through Power line Adapter thru 2 extension cable (due to certain reasons I did not plug it straight into the wall) and a additional user at home also using the home plug at the same time.

2. homeplug work base on the circuit of the house so if your house has 2 different circuit might have a issue if homeplug are in 2 different circuits.

*test are not scientific just to showcase different use case scenarios

so if you are deciding whether to use home plug i guess you have to ask yourself the following.
1. Not possible or lazy to connect directly to router using lan cable.
2. location of device blocked/far away from access point hence wireless would be a bad idea

thats when homeplugs come in handly. Also if you are using homeplugs there are different kinds as well. Wireless homeplugs basically extend wireless signal into the room where the homeplug is located which isgood for point no. 2 if you need wireless in a room which has bad wireless signal. There is also one without wireless capabilities which is basically a extension of LAN into PC using your existing electrical infrastructure as it bascially come down to the needs of the particular user to decide which type of homeplugs is needed

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