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There are too many unknowns on homeplugs to be reliable. I bought a pair of cheap Aztech AV500 to test out many years ago, I managed only 80Mbps on average, which was still cheaper than buying a good WiFi adapter for my desktop. Eventually, I upgraded to AV1200 homeplug and I get 120Mbps, which is decent given I had to plug to a extension cord due to space constraint. (I can get over 200Mbps if direct plug to wall).

Now, my setup is to use wireless extender, the D-Link DAP-1720 comes with a LAN port which I plug directly to my desktop and through this setup, my desktop achieves over 300Mbps.

My old Aztech homeplugs are still lying around, so if you want to try it out, let me know. If you can get more than 80Mbps, then you have a better wiring system then you can expect better performance when buying higher-spec homeplug like TP-LINK TL-WPA8730.
yah man, repeater still the best.

homeplugs depend a lot on the condition of your copper wires.

also if there's noise coming from AC motors that's connected to the power grid.
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