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We placed order with weqs99 to fly with Jetstar for departure date 9 August since 6 July but until now (24 July), he has not issued tickets to us.

Initially, he told us that it will take around 5 days for tickets to be booked but we waited a long time but we see no status update and asked him again. He said many customers so it will take a longer time.

He confirmed that tickets will be issued no later than 23 July but until now no news.

I whatsapp weqs99 on 21 July Friday
to ask him for status and to confirm us by when latest the jetstar tickets will be issued but he did not reply.

This morning i whatsapp him again but still no response although he received my messages.

I didnt book through him for august trip in the end as I didnt want to wait more.

However I managed to book September trip with him through Scoot. My departure flight was smooth. However, my return flight got canceled 3 times so end up I made my own flight booking and he had reimbursed me the difference of $75 after 4 days of waiting.

Thus, I can recommend that he is ok to trusted. However, if he asked for money upfront, and your flight gets canceled, he may not have enough money to reimburse if u buy own ticket at airport which can be costly.

Reason being, now he requires people to pay him upfront. Previously, we can pay him after flown back.

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