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Here's my review of Jex Airon. TL;DR: Horrible, you should avoid.

Had a Daikin SYS3 installed by these fellas, really bad experience.
1. Amateur installation team, very poorly trained (if at all)
2. Arrived at ~9.30AM, finished at 1AM! for a system 3! every other installation team (3) that's installed a/c in my place hasn't taken so long (usually half that time)
3. 1 indoor unit mounted with quite a severe tilt because they couldn't get it to clip onto the mounting bracket and hamfisted it on. (I pray to $DEITY that it won't start leaking)
4. looks like outdoor bracket is also not straight (~1cm diff between bolt center to bolt center on both sides).
5. Made a mess of my floor, glue, plaster, silicone sealant & PU foam everywhere. Did not use ANY floor covering during installation.
6. Made a mess of my walls, there was even a footprint!
7. Did not clear all the waste material they left behind (styrofoam & some rubbish + all the crap on the floor)
8. Was going to wrap fluid and gas pipes together in 1 insulation foam tube till I asked wtf they were doing.
9. Kept wanting to reuse old trunking
10. Did not use torque wrenches to tighten flare joints (this is important to ensure you don't overtighten and mess up the flare)
11. Pocketed the included bio filters (said they threw them away, hahahahaha, if that happened for 1 unit, sure, for all 3, I call bull. Also, these were SEALED in the same bag as the instruction manual and control which I did receive.)
12. Power tripped during installation. They blamed it on incorrect wiring (I call bull, I've been using the same high amp outlet for ~15 years w/o any problem, just checked the socket, wires are wired correctly, reverse current + earthing is fine, wire insulation test is fine, etc.)
13. Damaged one of my light switches because they spilled glue all over it and the solvent corroded the plastic. (they replaced it as only proper)
14. management generally full of bull, called them out on most of this list, but according to them nothing is ever their guys fault. So somehow all of the bad things spontaneously happened....? I don't know how that works.
15. Left lots of foam and loose plaster + masonry on the external ledge and A/C bracket (old HDB, so outside of my MBR window, literally in mid air)
16. Damaged horizontal vanes on indoor units due to heavy handed installation.
17. Grate on the back of the outdoor unit is bent out of shape and has been partially disconnected from its mounting to the frame
18. Following on from 17, they bent the frame of my windowsill by landing the entire weight of the outdoor unit on it, tried bending it back into shape but made an utter mess of it (whole thing is warped)
19. Used (without my permission) and ruined a chair that was part of a dining set. Whole thing is now covered in glue, the solvent has also dissolved a large portion of the varnish. Chair is beyond economic repair.
20. This is stretching it since most other installers don't do all (or any) of this but for those in the know.... you'll know what I'm talking about. They did a single evacuation w/ a very short hold test (otoh, I've seen people do it twice with a micron vacuum gauge & 30min hold, I have low expectations and doubt anyone would be so thorough). No high pressure nitrogen testing, no leak test on brazing / weld joints (at least not that I saw).

1. most of the trunking is relatively nice to look at
2. used a pipe bending tool to do the bends (not a good (some might say proper) one but I'm trying my best to find something that they did right)

I'll include pictures at a later date.

This happened to me and I've been as honest as I can about what happened but the bad experience may have biased me toward being a little harsh and unforgiving. I've written this review as a means of letting you prepare yourself for what may be the worst possible outcome or what may be the norm. This may happen to you or it may not, so make of this as you will.

You save my day,about to engaged them tis Saturday,bcos their pricing is "reasonable" also free upgrade material!

Now left with:GC,Coolworld( any review,experienceD)

Thanks,still not sure Daikin or starmex
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