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I'm looking at system 3 for Starmex, for living room + 2 bedroom. I went to enquire with various salesman from GC, HN, courts, etc. recommending me to go with 2 ticks, because majority I'll only use 1 room each night, living room hardly on unless got guests or it's really hot weather. But then some salesman told me 5 ticks got no stock for whole of Singapore until November. So I dunno whether they are trying to push me 2 tick because 5 tick no stock, or is it because I won't see savings by having only 1 room operating daily; For 5 tick savings to kick in, must on all 3 aircons.

Differenc between 2 tick and 5 tick is 300-400 difference, I thought it would be good to go with 5 ticks as it's more future proof. Anyone have this dilemma before?
I ask gc they tell me nov have stock.Some tell me the 2 ticks last time is 4 tick but now change to 2 ticks.donno real or not.
How much they quote u?
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