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Hello everyone, I need to change out my parent's house aircon as it is spoilt already. I want to install aircon for 3 rooms and 1 living room

First of all, the BTU for each room, i will like to do the following
Room size
Bedroom 1: 10.5m2 8000 BTU
Bedroom 2: 10.5m2 8000 BTU
Master Rm: 14.7m2 12000 BTU
Living Rm: 36.2m2 22000BTU

Is it overkill??

Next, the model and price. I went to a few shops and ask for recommendation, they gave me the following.. Not sure if it is value for money.

Finally, any advice on who i should get to install the aircon? Courts, Best Denki, Gain City, Cool Serve or Tim (renotalk)

Appreciate any advice. Thank you!
i trust only gain city. not overkill. upgrade your compressor if possible. mitsubishi 5 ticks
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