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3200mhz ram is a hit or miss. Settle for 3000mhz for slightly cheaper price yet, if you fail oc to 2933, 2666 is still very good speed.

Unless the 3200mhz ram you buying is amd certified. Some of the vengeance ram have amd logo on it to certify that its amd compatible.

Recently oc for a fellow forum user, his 3000mhz vengeance only getting 2666mhz even at agesa with Asus B350 Prime Plus as well.

However, another 2 fellow user I helped oc managed to get 2933mhz with their 3000mhz kit. So it's a hit or miss for the vengeance ram.
i explored amazon..the price for 3000/3200 is about $130+ so no diff. i was surprise can only reach 2666. some even 2133 ,thinking of getting GeIL SUPER LUCE, now contacting their manufacturer...see whether supported anot. sibei confusing
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