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Hi all

i need aircon replacement.

My hdb flat currently using StarMex for 2 bedrooms and 1 no aircon install. So decided to install in all 3 rooms now.

Decided to try the 5 ticks SMILE series by

Daikin which is all over Channel 8 advertisements.

my contractor recommend the following after site visits.

Outdoor unit: MKS65QVMG
Indoor units: 3x CTKS25QVM including master bedroom.

my question is, if i want to on all 3 aircon for 8 hrs a day, is the above configuration good enough? cooling enough?

fyi. the rooms in my hdb flat is much bigger then the nowaday new tiny hdb flat.

Just share,me when GC to bought it but the compressor is big not suutable for my 20 yrs Hdb aircon ledge, bydway Gc offered $3469(all in ,upgrade n ledge) dealer$37xx(no ledge)

Jst sharing only,

Fyi,Fcu only 9000 btu,Cu maybe(if i can recall) min 21000btu max 30000btu

Go Daikin website download the brochure

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