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Hi all

i need aircon replacement.

My hdb flat currently using StarMex for 2 bedrooms and 1 no aircon install. So decided to install in all 3 rooms now.

Decided to try the 5 ticks SMILE series by Daikin which is all over Channel 8 advertisements.

my contractor recommend the following after site visits.

Outdoor unit: MKS65QVMG
Indoor units: 3x CTKS25QVM including master bedroom.

my question is, if i want to on all 3 aircon for 8 hrs a day, is the above configuration good enough? cooling enough?

fyi. the rooms in my hdb flat is much bigger then the nowaday new tiny hdb flat.

mks65qvmg 34k btu,

minimum btu for 3 ctks25qvmg 1.89 kw - 6448 btu, minimum power input 0.29kw,

rated btu 6kw - 20472 btu, rated power input 1.4kw.

maximum btu 8.93kw - 30469 btu, maximum power input 2.84kw. 3 x 10156 btu.

mitsubishi 5 tick mxy-4g38va 38k btu,

minimum btu for 3 msxy-fj10ve is 2.9kw - 9894 btu, minimum power input 0.78kw.

rated btu 7.5kw - 25590 btu, rated power input 1.8kw.

maximum btu 10kw - 34120 btu, maximum power input 3.4kw. 3 x 11373 btu.

mks90qvmg 43k btu,

minimum btu for 3 ctks35qvmg 2.59kw - 8837 btu, minimum power input 0.42kw

rated btu 8.05kw - 27466 btu, rated power input 2.19kw.

maximum btu 9.34kw - 33282 btu, maximum power input 3.75kw. 3 x 11077 btu.

compressor lowest speed and power consumption:

daikin mks65qvmg 1.71kw - 5834 btu, 290 watts per hour

mitsubishi mxy-4g38va 1.4kw 4776 btu, 430 watts per hour

daikin mks90qvmg 2.09kw - 7131 btu, 420 watts per hour
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