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Is the FJ the 5 ticks series? I heard that currently there is no stock and they are noisier as compared to the 2 ticks.

Choose a higher capacity compressor msy4a38 and fan coils with FJ for 5 ticks energy saving. So the living room is fitted with 24000 btu, Fj series doesn't have 26000 btu.

I am not aircon technician or seller. I am looking to install the aircons and have looked into Mitsubishi electric 4a38, 24000, 13000 each for my 2 bedrooms due to powerful sunlight from Feb to October on behind the flat and 9000 for small bedroom near corridor.

Recently I think I will buy Daikin smile series aircons mks90qvmg about 40000 btu, 2x9+13+24 combination. This combination doesn't allow double 13000 but I will check with air conditioning dealer for more information.

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