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mxy-4a28va = w x d x h 840 x 330 x 710mm. The aircon ledge is 1600mm (1.6m) long (width) but deduct the railings +- 100mm = 1500 mm usable space. Attach the piping> should be enough.
mxy-4a38va = 900 x 320 x 900 mm. Also enough to attach the piping... All these are considered by the architect or else the aircon ledge is useless everywhere due to shortage of space.

It is your purchase and your choice. I will not interfere. But when comes to living room aircon switches on and there will little left capacity for any one of 3 bedrooms. There will be a struggle to keep cool at bedrooms until the living room aircon is off with mxy-4a28va.

I got the dimensions from the catalogue from mitsubishi electric showroom. It still has not been updated much.

Thanks and bye. Off to wccftech for more exciting moments.
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