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[OFFICIAL] Z世代 While We Are Young, Debuts 6 November 2017, Every Mon - Fri 9pm, Channel 8

NOTE 1: Be sure to bookmark this thread as it will be moved to the TV Mania section 1 week after the broadcast.
NOTE 2: Kindly avoid posting spoilers. If you want to, please embed the SPOILER TAG.
NOTE 3: Thread will be moved to EDMW near premiere date.

Total eps: 20
Encore timeslot: Every Mon - Fri, 8am

Zoe Tay as Fang Ting
Rebecca Lim as Zhong Ai
Zhang Zhenhuan as Tang Yiwei
Terence Cao as Bai Jinshun
Denise Tan as Zheng Jiayi
Calvert Tay as Tang Yijie
Zong Zijie as Yang Xiaoshuai
Chantelle Ng as Huang-Li Baiyun
Joanna Theng as Zhou Xuanxuan
Marcus Guo as Kang Lele
Shalynn Tsai as Luo Yiling
Gary Tan as Lin Junkai
Chen Yixin as Hong Nuannuan
Shanice Koh as Ren Youwan
Li Decheng as Xu Tiancai
Cassandra See as Mary
Li Wenhai
Adele Wong
Chen Ning as Guo Liwen
Kenneth Chung

Theme Song
回家睡觉 by Jayden Chew

Sub-theme Song(s)
致爱 by Deng Bi Yuan
致爱 by Zong Zijie, Chantelle Ng, Calvert Tay, Chen Yixin, Joanna Theng, Shalynn Tsai & Marcus Guo

Production Period
May - September 2017

Synopsis (English)

Synopsis (Chinese)

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