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this 10" filter cartridge on Amazon is Amazon free ship eligible.

This is an awesome recommendation!
I was looking at the Woder 10K gallon under sink as it can last up to 3 years! However, I'll have to find a 1/2 to 3/8 supply line and am wary that if they don't fit, I'll have to spend time running up and down to the hardware store.

I have been looking for a fluoride filter but gave up as I thought it could only be done by a RO system and am not happy with the water wastages.

Hence I'm really happy to come across your post. My concern is if the faucet adaptor will fit those in sg. Mine is a basic kitchen faucet found in our neighbourhood shop. I'm not sure how to measure the size.

Another not too important factor is I find the Home Master housing expensive. Saw the EcoSoft one for much less but there are feedbacks about rubber scent from the rubber tubing. I'm not yet comfortable buying from Taobao(can't read much chinese). If you have any suggestions, I'd be grateful if you'd share.

Also regarding it is not NSF certified. The company have this to say,
"We do not NSF certify the filters, because they are a niche product and its cost would make the filter unaffordable. However the filtration media going into them is NSF certified. Here are the listings:
The carbon in the mixed media filter
The KDF85 media in the mixed media filter
Also, our company - Perfect Water Technologies - is an NSF Listed company:
We can send you some test strips at no charge to use as a surrogate indicator of overall system performance.

I'm sold. 85% I'll get this.
Thanks again WussRedXLi.
I said again because you contributed to my decision to purchase a Honeywell air-filter many years ago.
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