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Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't visited TB for years because I couldn't read many chinese words(ashamed as I'm half chinese). However at yr recommendations, I hopped over and it's nice that Chrome has an option to translate the page! I felt cheated I got my sink faucet at $30ish dollars at my neighbourhood CK store when these better ones could be had for $10 bucks!

I used to work in a state that do not add fluoride to their water and noticed some 'well-being' differences but of course it could be due to other factors such as air quality or diet as well. Btw it's also true that I get more cavities while working there I also rarely drink anything else other than water and home brew coffee with either rice or almond milk. However it's not a must-have, I just thought might as well explore if fluoride filter makes any diff to my well-being now. If it doesn't, I can switch to less expensive 10" filters after 3 months.

However, I now face a dilemma over using a counter-top housing. Perhaps I'll list out my uses and hear if you have any suggestions.

I'm installing it at an enrichment centre for primary school children.
Estimated use 25 liters/day(generally filling up their water bottles)

I noticed the diverter valve is at the sprout. Our faucets usually could only withstand on average a year of assault due to the kids rough swinging of the sprout left and right(Sometimes we just replaced the rubber rings, gasket etc on the stem of the sprout). I'm concern that the kids will apply pressure in other directions while turning the valve on & off eg. while turning the valve to tap water, they may apply downward force pulling the whole sprout downwards and damaged the seal over time.

Are there counter-tops with the 'on/off-valve' on the filter unit itself? If it exists, I could get a double-headed faucet and attach one head to the filter unit and leave it permanently on 'on position' at the tap and control the flow from the filter'.

I searched through the counter-top housings on Amazon and couldn't find any. Went back through some of your posts and found this you posted earlier. The main picture shows an 'on/off knob' at the base of the sprout which is what I wanted but all the items selling on the page doesn't have that. Any ideas?
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