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I applied for a bank loan, a week later a lady called to say that my loan application for 10k has been approved but she had to verify my particulars and that her finance department will call me. 2 days later a guy called me to say that he is tasked to look into my loan application and that he need to verify my particulars and being excited I gave him all the info. The next day he transferred 500 to me and say that the bank has to confirm my payment ability on defered method before they can approve my 10k loan. Since then I've paid almost 3500 and when I question him on my payment he started to get aggressive and threatened me. Only then I realized that I had inadvertently get entangled with loan shark. When I called the bank I was told that no such application was submitted. What can I do now? Getting very stressed that I could get my self in such a situation. Help please, any advice?
Pls go to the police posts/station to make a report/ consult your MP to see what to do. It is their job to keep crime (loansharking, gangsterism, corrupt bankers in cahoots w loansharks)in Singapore low... Otherwise, many others will fall prey to such heinous criminality just like u.
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