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It's coming
iOS 11
Sending money via Apple Pay

Edit : Soon™, hopefully

Yah, initially I also very happen to see all this coming to Singapore so User like us benefit as when there is competition, Vendor tends to compete and offer better price.
BTW, I like ur "TM".. first time see people posted it.. so I guess I cannot use the same word...haha

unless it's those reloadable cards for kopitiam. Because kopitiam does not involve mobile payment in which a company can rope out millions of funds from stored wallet. Kopitiam in fact is one of the rare kinds which can hold funds, similar to Starbucks.
Sometimes, I don't really like those "Reloadable cards". We tends to put money here and there and end up, when card lost, the money gone with it and Kopitiam's card need to "renew" every 2 years and need to pay another $2 for that. Though using the card gave us 10% discount.
Prefer those direct debit from cc.
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