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Digi Best seems to have another new version, not sure since when exactly:

Digi Prepaid BEST™
Best for International Calls with Free Internet
✓Best Direct Call rates to 10 countries and guaranteed lowest rates to Telenor Friends™
✓Spend RM1/day on IDD and enjoy FREE 1GB high-speed Internet for the rest of the day
✓Free 1GB high-speed Internet everyday (12am-8am)
✓Best Call & SMS rates to 20 Kawan
✓Free Basic Internet

As always, I try to read their T&Cs, especially on SIM Card Lifecycle
Upon activation of a SIM card, the status of SIM card will be updated to Active state that will last for a 10 (Ten)-day period. Active state means a Customer is allowed to make outgoing and incoming calls or sms or any type of services including Internet access.
dial *128*1*4# and go into change plan see if you have best 2017 offered.

from the faq.

"11. I am an existing Digi Prepaid subscriber, can I upgrade my current Digi Prepaid plan to the all-new Digi Prepaid BEST™ plan?
Yes, you may perform a Change of Plan (COP) to this all-new Digi Prepaid BEST™ plan by dialing *128*1*4#. However, this option is only available from 18 Aug 2017 onwards, and you must have a validity of less than 60 days to your account to perform this Change of Plan request."

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