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Bro u got fb group up or carosell ? So we can ask u more ?

Onexox is cheap, but the WOW factor you can topup once & use for 28 months. You can store data for 28mths (also) & activate small amounts of data during trip to Msia. Very useful if you go back to SG for few months & come back, finding that you still can call & use data from your previous balance data.
Onexox is the only sim in Msia that has validity of 28mths & can store data for similar period. You'll see other telco having maximum validity of 1mth only (credit barred & data burns past validity period).

Onexox have starter pack choices of:
1. 5GB+ free 5GB (rm30)
2. 10GB+ free 10GB (rm50)
3. 333 Minute calls (rm30)

*free data which is instantly activated for 1mth use. The other data will be stored & can be activated at any time. The data stored are valid for 2yrs 4mth. If you top up again, validity extends for another 2yrs 4mth.

Other than starter pack is the usual season pass.
4. Minute call (Rm90)
5. Data: 20GB (Rm100)
6. Combo: 10GB+333min call (Rm80)

Simcard with rm5 inside costs Rm10.
Hence total for each
1. Rm30+rm10 = ~10SGD
2. Rm50+Rm10 = ~19SGD
3. Rm30+Rm10 = ~10SGD
4. Rm90+Rm10 = ~31SGD
5. Rm100+Rm10 = ~34SGD
6. Rm80+Rm10 = ~28SGD

However i'm very sorry to say that postage to SG charges Rm32.50~10SGD.
But i assure you that i'll guide you to use the simcard efficiently & with integrity.

The data from season pass is stored & also valid for 2yrs 4mth. You can activate it anytime during visit to Malaysia.
**it uses same coverage as Celcom. If Celcom is ok, Xox also ok.

Pm/fb me at Syed M Afiff. email me at*, ig me at Syed M Afiff.
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