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Hey guys.

I'm on the hunt for a semi-commercial oven. My wife and I are quite serious about baking, you see. We're facing a bit of a hiccup with the electrical work, and I hope that someone out there can provide some advice.

We've decided on the Unox range of ovens as it seems to be rather durable and popular with a number of local bakeries. The salesperson told me that the model that we've selected can draw a high current (slightly over 13A), and previous clients have reported having 'melted' plugs/blown fuses when plugged into a 13A circuit. He recommended installing a 15A point to avoid these issues.

Based on the information below, I thought that it would be a simple matter -- simply switch out my desired kitchen 13A socket and replace it with a 15A one. However, I've been receiving some conflicting advice from electricians. One agrees to swapping out a 13A socket and another says a new line needs to be run from the main circuit breaker. Running a new line is likely going to require cutting through some kitchen furniture, and I hope that can be avoided. So, is it safe to simply tap on my existing kitchen power point (P3-22 - see pic below)?

Some information about my home that may be of interest:
- My place is a new BTO flat with 40A at the main circuit breaker.
- The entire kitchen is by default installed with only 13A plugs. Some additional points were installed by my renovation contractor to support my 2-zone (3.7kW) induction cooker, hood and fridge.
- The electrical plans seem to suggest that the kitchen is connected to a 30A MCB.
- From the electrical plans, it looks like the house is wired with 2.5sqmm cables for the kitchen.
- I hope to be able to switch out P3-22 (see pic below) for a 15A plug.

First you need to confirm if wires used is capable for 15A or more. If this is ok. It just a matter of changing to new circuit breaker and wall socket.
Under standard practice, if you use up 3.7Kw, you may need a 20A breaker and wiring.
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