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Wow. Thank you to all who have taken their time to respond. I'm surprised at how many replies this page has gotten.

I understand that an electrician could potentially make this a much easier process, but I think it's always good to know more about household matters before simply diving in.

@cis2910, pretty cool thing you did with your MIL's oven there. May I know where you bought these 15A fuses from? I may just be able to save some $$ with that idea!
No worry, how I know this works? I opened up the cable casing and hand feel the 2.5mm cable while using the oven , the cables were not even warm, so this mean the live wire/cable was not overloaded.

I ever noticed my friend uses a china made power extension cord (thinner cables cord) to boil water by a kettle, the cable was so warm, that was really dangerous as the cable might melted and caught fire.

BTW, the 15A fuse can be purchased at any hardware shop, probably 40~60 cents each.

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