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Sorry to ask but how many years after you ORD did you guys get called back for ICT/Reservist? (or year what of university) I know you have to clear nsmen ippt within a year after your ord but what about the 1st cycle of reservist itself? Thanks
I just got called this year, 11 years after ORD. It depends on which unit did you ORD from. If your active unit is an intake, then it's can start within 1 year. I've some ex school mates who had to go ICT during uni, but they managed to defer them. I was in Div so I didn't get posted to any unit when I ORD.

No matter what just attempt IPPT whether you have a unit or not. You can login to to check your IPPT status. I can't remember if it's those who disrupted or those in full time studies are allowed to fail without RT. Policies may have changed since then.
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