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EDMW is a forum where all forms of personalities come together to be themselves or pretend to be someone else. Unless it comes to a point where it is unacceptable by either forum or society standards (e.g. racial discrimination, sedition, intrusion of privacy, impersonation with intent to tarnish/malign one's character, etc), the moderators will give a little bit more leeway.

However, this leeway is not to be expected under certain circumstances:
  • EDMW lingo or behavior is not deemed acceptable at any other forum outside of EDMW.
  • Insults (personal or otherwise) and discriminatory posts will be subject to warnings/infractions, where necessary
  • Nudity or even borderline nudity will not be condoned (regardless of whether censored or not). Goes the same for lewd comments.
  • Intrusion of privacy, especially one that reveals NRIC numbers, HP numbers, addresses or attacks on family members.

This is to give you an idea on what's acceptable and what's not and this list is not exclusive of ToS - i.e., we're only highlighting the really serious matters in this post, but there are many more rules, which will also be taken into consideration.

Even with the said guidelines above, moderators and admins reserve the right to exercise actions as the team will weigh in the relevance and seriousness of the matter in each case.
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