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I did a little bit of research, and it seems that it's not really that safe to use the 13A (BS 1363) plugs for high current appliances, even with an upgraded 15A fuse. I believe it's because of the limited electrical contact the socket offers. Hence, I'm going to upgrade to a 15A (BS 546) socket instead.

Here are the sources:

"Although pin diameter is related to maximum current capacity, the pins on most plugs have a maximum capacity that is much larger than the nominal rating of the plug. The pins on the 15 Amp plug, for example, could easily carry 30 Amps or more."

First post in the link above describes overheating problems in a 13A even when the current draw is only ~12A.
Very simple logic, just compare the size of the 13A's 3pin plug and the 2.5mm copper cable will know which copper is thicker?

Anyway, you should get it properly done by electrician to have peace of mind. Cheers!

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