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The oven is rated for a maximum draw of 3kW, 220 - 240V. That seems to suggest a current that ranges from 12.5A - 13.6A.


Thank you all (cis2910, Kaylin, xiangzeng, cscs3, terumo, member1 and logitech123) for your advice in this thread.

I have since sought the opinion of an electrician and they were originally considering running a new cable from a spare MCB. However, after sending them the electrical diagram (the same one in my first post), they concluded that simply replacing the faceplate to a 15A one would suffice. In fact, the electrician had just completed the job less than an hour ago.

The entire kitchen will eventually be wired to a number of high wattage appliances. Time to be careful about how many things I turn on at the same time.
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