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Professional Conversion Programme for Registered Nurses/Nanyang Polytechnic Diploma in Nursing(PCP)

As per PM request, those who are interested in Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Registered Nurses [Nanyang Polytechnic Diploma in Nursing(PCP)], please see below links for my consolidated comments from other thread.

There are students who fail to pass out from Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Registered Nurses & now in heavy debts (Estimated $70K for 1st year & $170K for 2nd year onward) due to various reasons like Lecturers, Assessors and course materials from NYP are not consistent. Failure rate always around 20% (about 4 to 5 person) per cohort.
Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Registered Nurses is a 2 years Full Time course for Singaporean & PR to be bond them for 3 years as Registered Nurse upon graduating from Diploma(Nursing).

You will only see the Contract after signing Letter of Undertaking for $1K of Liquidated Damages (LD)if you decided not to take up PCP sponsorship after NYP offer you a seat.


This is the estimated Estimated amount of liquidated damages upon signing deed (Training allowance is $1,900 per month upon signing deed)

1st year = (Course Fees for 1st year + Training Allowance for 1st year + $150.00 uniform) x 110% = ($39,782.60# + $22,800.00 + $150.00) x 110% = $69,005.86

2nd year = (LD of first (1st) year + Course Fees for 2nd year + Training Allowance for 2nd year (to 5th year) + One-Time Career Transition Bonus) x 110% = ($69,005.86 + $39,782.60# + $22,800.00 + $2,000.00) x 110% = $146,947.31

However there is an increment of allowance from $1,900 to $2,050. So now the new estimated amount of liquidated damages is:

1st year = (Course Fees for 1st year + Training Allowance for 1st year + $150.00 uniform) x 110% = ($39,782.60# + $24,600.00 + $150.00) x 110% = $70,985.86

2nd year = (LD of first (1st) year + Course Fees for 2nd year + Training Allowance for 2nd year (to 5th year) + One-Time Career Transition Bonus) x 110% = ($70,985.86+ $39,782.60# + $24,600.00 + $2,000.00) x 110% = $151,105.31

* Remark: Depending on sponsoring hospital, some will included medical checkup & injection fees for DL. For this computation of LD is without it.


Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) stated that total liquidated damages (including full course fees, training allowances and career transition bonus) at the point of training completion could amount to roughly be $125,000 which is not the true facts!

I suspected that NYP give to WDA, Ministry of Health (MOH), MOH Holdings (MOHH) and sponsoring hospitals a estimated course fees of $39,782.60 per year to draft sponsorship contract. After NYP decided to charge $34,475.40 that year without allowing student to have Subsidy like MOE*Tuition*Grant to sponsoring hospital.

Normally, a seller will give a price for the product to be consider by the buyer. However I am surprise why this work another way when the buyers (WDA, MOH, MOHH and sponsoring hospitals) willing to buy the product before the seller (NYP) even give the actual price.

During that year, Full time 3 years normal Diploma courses for Singaporean is $19,881.60, PR is $22,695.70 & International Students is $26,218.70 as Non*subsidised*Student for that year. So why did NYP charge a high price of $34,475.40 or unacceptable purchasing procedures without anyone like Auditor General's Office (AGO) questioning? To add on, why Singaporeans & PRs are not given Tuition Grant for studying full-time Diploma in Nursing (PCP)?


I have actually ask FTs who are under sponsorship for 3 years normal Diploma courses & their reply is they do not know their actual amount for LD. Their surety are FTs who mostly like their parent in their home country like China. If they run away, by right Singapore Government (sponsors) needs to engage Lawyer at China to demand for DL payment. However I never hear any sponsors doing that.

For PCP, there is no way to run cause both student & surety are local.
If Lecturers, Assessors and course materials from NYP are not consistent, how to follow up when everything is squeeze into 2 years?
I was the 4th student to dropout from my PCP-RN cohort.

My senior fail his Pre-registration consolidation programme (PRCP) twice & now facing more problem then me.

There are a lot of PCP students/graduates regret signing up.


Addition Information to those who are interested about salary package & career advancement for PCP-RN

1) You will only know your basic salary when they offered an employment contract after you graduate from Diploma.

2) Sponsoring hospital claim that your non-relevant or relevant experience, Nursing School results & etc will be a factor to be consider into deciding your salary package.

3) Our sources from my seniors & their seniors is basic salary will be S$2,300 & those who serve NS will be S$2,500 regardless of what spell out in point 2. Same route of advancement as normal diploma holders but high expectation because we are mid-career switch. As mature 'Fresh RN' who have many years of non-relevant experience in workforce, we tend to be able to perform better compare to Fresh RN teenagers that make it look like we have 'fast tread career advancement' which is not true.
Not ready to share but as you read on, you may guess something.

1) PCP students may left school many years & have family commitment compare to full time students.

2) If Lecturers, Assessors and course materials from NYP are not consistent.

3) While full time student are taking around 5 core modules per semester, PCP student are taking 9 core modules per semester.

4) Full time student trained in Nursing Lab 1A & attend Clinical Placement 1A in semester 1 & they will take Nursing Lab 1B & attend Clinical Placement 1B in semester 2. PCP student trained in only Nursing Lab 1A but attended Clinical Placement 1A & partial 1B in semester 1. In short, PCP student are assess in Clinical Placement when they are not trained but during pre-Clinical Placement briefing, student are told not to perform skills if you are not trained.

5) It is up to Assessor to ask any questions (could be from other modules like Human Bioscience) for Nursing Lab test that is not taught in Nursing Lab by Lecturers and not shown in course materials.

6) Full time student have around 40 students in a class while my PCP class have only 25 students. During Nursing Lab Test, Assessor tend to give more chance to full time students by clearing them faster such asking easiler or less questions & move on if student unable to answer.

7) If Lecturers want to play you out, they will not be consistent with course materials by omitting or adding non-relevant information, procedure not in sequence & etc to your practicing/sub-group in Nursing Lab Test.

8) A Nursing Lab Test maybe 1 hour test with 2 skills (about 30 minutes per skill). Assessor can play you out by starting the test time but stop you from doing the skills until you answer all Assessor's questions in order to be 'safe' that can last up to 30 minutes or more which mean you will know that you will fail the test at that time.

9) When NYP Lecturers feel that you cannot perform, some of them will start to tort you by verbal and emotional abuse to affect your mental health. They will keep harassing you by stressing the increasing huge amount of liquidated damages when you stay longer in a course and keep asking you when you intend to quit.
Due to limitation of PM word space, this is some of the clause that I am not comfortable with the contract.

1) For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby agreed that any period of no-pay leave, study leave, training leave or National Service shall not be counted towards the discharge of Bonded Period and that without exceptional reason, the SPONSOR shall not grant any no-pay or study leave for the purposes of further studies or sponsor any such pursuit within the first 2 years of Boned Period.

2) wilfully and persistently disobeys or fails to conform with the lawful and reasonable orders or directions of the SPONSOR, the supervisors, tutors or instructors associated with the Course or the prescribed institutions; (Remark: I am not comfortable with this after withdraw from the course)

3) before the expiry of the Bonded Period, is dismissed from the service of the SPONSOR for misconduct, negligence, incompetence, poor work performance not meeting the SPONSOR's standard or breach of discipline or for any reason whatsoever, has his service terminated; (Remark: I am not comfortable with this after my senior feedback that when he started to work & have problem with "incompetence" & "poor work performance" in a community hospital where majorly of them are FT)

4) to absolve the SPONSOR, its servants and agents from all liability to the Trainee or his personal representatives for any loss, damage or injury howsoever occasioned (whether or not due to any act or omission or neglect of the Place of training werein the Trainee undertakes the Course, its servants and/or agents) which the Trainee may sustain by reason of or during the period of the Course; and

5) to indemnify, hold harmless and at the SPONSOR's request, defend the SPONSOR again all proceedings, suits, actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, losses and/or expenses [including court costs and fees of solicitors (on a full indemnity basis) and other professionals] whatsoever which may be taken or made again the SPONSOR or incurred or become payable by the SPONSOR in respect of any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person or in respect of damage or loss to any property however occasioned, whether directly or indirectly by any act, omission, neglect or other default of the Trainee while on or otherwise in relation to or arising out of the Course.

6) in the event of fortuitous illness or physical or mental incapacity which, in the absolute opinion of the SPONSOR, renders the Trainee unable or unsuitable to complete the Course or if the Trainee shall, with the consent of the SPONSOR discontinue the Course or in the absolute opinion of the SPONSOR, the Trainee for good reason fails or is unable to complete the Course, the SPONSOR reserves the right, by giving 1 month's notice in writing to the Trainee, to withdraw or terminate the Sponsorship and crease paying the Training Allowance, and/or benefits set out in the Second Schedule hereto, whereupon the Trainee and/or the Sureties shall jointly and severally be liable to refund the SPONSOR the full amount of monies expended on the Trainee in respect of the Course up to the date of termination of Sponsorship;

7) Interest at the annual rate of 10% per annum will be due and payable to the party in receipt of an arbitration award from such date as the arbitration tribunal may decide until the date of payment to such party.
All full time courses in public schools like ITE, Polytechnic & University have the same time for school holiday. That is the time where commander will consider to schedule ICT for NSmen reservist.

However for PCP student, we start 2 weeks earlier compare to Full time student. We only have 2 weeks school holiday after our Clinical Placement which is the end of semester. So NSmen will have problem for their ICT cause NYP only give you deferment letter but it is up to your NS unit to approve the deferment.

My classmates & my seniors were lucky to be SPF NSmen. They will received their estimated ICT schedule long before they received their NP76 for SPF NSmen (SAF100 for SAF & SCDF100 for SCDF NSmen). So they can make arrangement to reschedule their ICT during school holiday for PCP student.

So for those who want to sign up for PCP, better think twice because reservist is a liability for PCP student & you do not want this to be the cause of your liquidated damages.
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