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Some thoughts about this Clinic CH Tee.

There are other clinics around Taman Sentosa but all that I noticed are only occupying 2nd floor. Clinic CH Tee looks like the biggest there, with it occupying 1st & 2nd floors.

Clinic CH Tee also employs quite a number of staffs, dentists & nurses.

All these observations only help me to gauge its popularity. My visits there are positive experiences. The dentist who attended to me also said there are "many" SG come to this clinic. This Clinic was introduced to me by a colleague who frequented it when he was attending schools in JB. He introduced to me in 2011 but it was only this year I seeked it for treatment.

You may have a different opinion - pls do share.
Hi, would you know if they do braces there? and if so around how much? thanks!
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