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This Minix Neo U9H was also selling at $299 during March show. If you buy just the box without the IPTV, then it is just $199. I didn't commit in March as I wasn't very sure. It took me 6 months from then to do some research on Android TV boxes before I decide to try on Minix yesterday.

The reason I'm willing to pay for it is presumably the after-sales support given by Amconics. Unless Amconics close shop, then I will LLST. There are many Android boxes in the market, some are so cheap that I don't even want to buy them.

Paying $299 is an expensive buy for me, but I will dump away my $50 monthly subscription from Starhub soon to offset the cost in long term.

My family now is enjoying the box with so many channels on the IPTV.
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