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The reason why I hesitated on Minix is this key consideration : Amconics is the one & only exclusive distributor, which sort of making the device here a monopoly, no longer a free market. So a user's options may be limited should issues arise later. Like the company decided to shut down for good. But overall, I guess they are doing a better job than other brands of Android box , with the exception of AC Ryan's Veolo 4K which also seems like quite a good deal at below $200 price level.
Ryan just sell the hardware and the software part is your tai ji.
AMC promised you the sky about the software.
I remember a lot of unhappiness about the software support few years back on this supplier.
I am not sure whether they still like that.
Just do a little research on the technical specification for the box before you buy cos they may smoke you something else.
When in doubt, dun buy.
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