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Here are some review which I bought the $299 package.

Today juz have the time to test out the add-on apps n iptv.

Had a few hiccups with login licensing into the box.. entered the code, prompt me error.. -_-" .. as it was midnite 12 plus since they mentioned 24/7 support.. I have forgotten to ask what was the support contact numbers.. the only way is receipt contact numbers.. tried calling to a HP numbers.. a lady pick up the phone.. might be the Taiwan lady boss.. I explained my problems with her and she give my ways to troubleshoot by off and on back the box.. miracle.. iptv was login in without keying the codes again..
With iptv, almost all of the channels are working except 1 or 2 uncommon channels.. mainly all channels works fine and best of all the suppose to be English channels are English example Disney junior, Cartoon Network..
Unlike HDTV or Huat88tv if u know wat I mean..
Met an issue todae are, when a few hrs (2-3) of iptv watched.. my channel suddenly becomes blackout and I tried to switch channels.. still black out.. closing the apps and relaunching will not help.. unless I switch off n on the minix.. n tats the only problem I faced till now..
Anyone got this problem?

For the built in apps.. common apps were installed by them, like cartoon hd, megabox, rss channels, 千寻, terrarium tv, blank Kodi..all working fine.
As I tried to view a movie from cartoon hd..and launched MX player for viewing.. notice I can't search for subtitles as it was unable to select the search buttons in MX.. anyone can teach me?
But with terrarium tv.. I was able to search subtitles using MX players search engine..dunno y..

Overall, I could say I'm happy with minix compare with my old Mibox.. and $299 for box and 4 yrs iptv subscription should be worth it.. the lady boss was kind to answer my calls last midnite when I faced problem login into iptv..
Thanks for sharing your encounter. Indeed the lady got first class customer service, I really have to salute her.

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