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More than 70% of the Certis Cisco aux police officers are non Singaporeans...go figure it out.
Guess if they (through the hierarchy )just react on reflex/impulse/ like Singpost in allocating parcels and mail, then it would make zero difference if some fake robots were substituted instead. Maybe that is why Singapore Sports Hub is not doing good business (some VIP stall sponsors were reported complaining in news about the lack luster programme lineup)... people suspect that these big businesses are out to fleece patrons and don't trust the police either, whom they think are actually in cahoots with big business with the intention to rip off the poor, all this only fuels increased terrorism threat since there would be more disenchanted people about as terrorist fodder.

Leaders of singapore really need to renew the social compact and do more to reduce the wealth divide rather than just getting sucked into private business interest, acting high handed and faking terrorist arrest by arresting innocent people to give the public impression that much is being done when all that they are doing is just making the situation worse by increasing the wealth divide amongst citizens of Singapore.
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