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After playing JP and Global, the player base for Global multiplayer is really..... <shake head>. Had to do so many tries with what looks like decent teams but actually perform like excrement.

Whereas in JP I just need 1 try for multiplayer is almost 100% sure clear barring some cheat mode by boss. Frustrating to say the least when coming back to Global group....

Anyway Tifa USB is great for this multiplayer where it has Radiant Shield and Regen built in, helps a lot to mitigate sap and bounce back the Maelstrom.

Jump start wise this one really piece of cake, Shout, 2xTornado Strike, Firion BSB, Tidus BSB + Cmd 2 enough to take down the barriers. Unload all other OSBs onto the boss = game over. Tidus Enwater from BSB going into OSB hitting 97k.
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