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I guess a lot of players use Multi-player Raids as a platform to showcase their latest OSB, USB, BSB.

I think you still can get away on the D160 battles but D220 needs to really have some form of strategy & synergy.

I had one battle where a player had Bartz & can proc his triple spellblade. Sebeh powerful, only for him to chu-ed Snowspell Strike in 2nd revived phase of Archeoaevis.

Triple Spellblade siah but 0 damage x 6 = 0. I stunned like vegetable & gave a Nice stamp. :p

Must also kerb our attacking instinct also. My CoD after launching its BSB could do 7,000k damage with either CMD1 or 2, but I focused on using Memento of Prayer & Curaise to heal the healer. Let other people attack & be hero.

But to be fair, there are times where I also learnt from other player's setup as well. So it ain't all bad.
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