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Scammed on Carousell, Ed Sheeran tickets. Anyone else?

I know, it was my own lapse in judgement. I don't deny that at all. I was blinded by the false sincerity that the seller seemed to have been giving me, and it cost me hundreds.

Long story short, I was purchasing a pair of Ed Sheeran tickets as a gift for someone close to me, so I kind of rushed into the whole purchase. Cue carousell user "cherbaee".

Seller was selling e-tickets and at the point of time, I didn't know you could claim physical tix from the box office, as long as you had proof of original purchase. I wanted the tickets real bad due to time constraints. So, seller gained my trust on Carousell and then whatsapp, got me to transfer a lump sum of money to secure the tickets on the spot, and then the seller ghosted me.

Next day, I filed a police report. I called banks. Couldn't seem to get the banks to help with a refund but at least I got the police report down. I know now that this seller has scammed others as well.

This seller so far has the following usernames: cherbaee / cherrrrylz / scarletdaisies__

Bank Account transferred to was a POSB account: xxx-96871-0.

Mobile number where I communicated with the seller was: xxxx0353 (pretty sure this was one of those spare expirable temp number purchases though).

Seller goes by fake names as Cheryl / Carouline.

Just posting this to spread awareness. If you've been scammed by this mobile number or this bank account, please reach out! Using each other's reference numbers in police reports solidifies the case, shows that it's not an isolated incident anymore.
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