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Also depends on ur luck with sillicon lottery

We have encountered an R5 1600 that can go to 4.0Ghz easily at 1.35V on Tomahawk. Another R5 1600 we had crashed at anything beyond 3.75Ghz also on Tomahawk

Both on stock Wraith Spire cooler
Agreed on d cpu mileage part sir. Have yet to try 6c chips but out of 1x r3 (1200), 2x r5 (1400 n 1500x) n 1x r7 (1700) none can do 4ghz easily. Benchable yes, on d 1200p n 1700 but nowhere near stable for 24/7 (my standard is p95 stable).

For Ryzen oc i personally think apart from cpu cooling vrm plays a very important role. Budget boards (b350) arent really meant for r7 imo, vrm can get prerty toasty due to no of phase on b350 boards. X370 is safer bet. Some more, memory mileage afe better too on d x370 boards.
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