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Didn't do any Magicite dungeons much yesterday as all the stamina went to clearing the FF4 event.

Tried to attempt Liquid Flame but as my Edge wasn't ready at Lv.80 so I used Tidus & Paine's water BSB. However my offense wasn't enough hitting 1k-1.5k per hit. Doesn't help that Liquid Flame can self heal.

I did notice he doesn't attack me much until the 1m mark so Radiant Shield doesn't work quite well unlike Hydra & Bismarck fights. Will need to figure out another way to approach this boss.

Meanwhile will just continue my whale killing (downed 3 this morning) & level up my Edge & water Magicites. Really looking fwd to the exp daily dungeon tmr. Haha...

U like whaling a lot ah?

I hope 20 stam magicite come faster...60 stam a bit difficult for me to plan my time lor...zzz now I at maxed keystone...haha
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