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Pai seh bro, been a while upgrading computer.. Normal ram does it mean ddr4 by Kingston and just tally with the Samsung chip set?
Not sure how much have you followed or research on Ryzen and it's RAM compatibility but here's the TL;DR version.

There are a few RAM OEM, most common few are Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron.

Ryzen seems to works better with Samsung B-die RAM to achieve the XMP profile set by manufacturers (Corsair, G.Skills, Team Group, Klevv, etc)

A few of them are the one I mentioned, the Trident Z series that are rated 3200MHz C14 and 3600MHz C16, as apparently Samsung B-die RAM is easier to overclock to their XMP profiles on a Ryzen system. The AMD specific expensive Flare X series from G.Skills also made from Samsung B-die that are guaranteed to hit their rated 3200MHz with CAS14.

However, after the recent AGESA update being pushed to most motherboard, support for Hynix ram to hit 3200mhz is easier but some still need some tweaking on the dram voltage and timing and not as easy as Samsung B-die with just following the XMP profile.

So buying Hynix ram now also not bad. It's almost certain to hit 2933mhz and 3200mhz will need some effort to experiment.

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