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Noob here can anyone help me what specific timings on msi tomawak bios?
I wish to stable overclock 2666 to 2993 if possible.

Currently on:
Ripjaws V 2x4gb 2400 default at 15-15-15-35 @1.2v
Ryzen 3 1200 OC 3.8 @1.275v
  1. load optimized BIOS setting
  2. set vsoc to 1.15v
  3. use memtry it, go for 2666 1st
  4. if successfully booted, save it into a OC profile. shutdown
  5. up 1 notch of mem freq in memtry it, repeat step 4
  6. clean up d OC profile, always a good practice to save a stock setting minus d integrated device + some cpu setting, like enable virtualization which is disabled by default + d no of failed oc attempt to 1 (instead of 5)

once mem freq hit d ceiling, only mess with cpu clock + vcore ONLY.

have fun.

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