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instead of giving telcos cash incentive to encourage adsl and cable subscribers to switch to fibre

the government lowered the residential cost payable to nlt by telcos from $15 to $13.80 hence m1 profit from its $29 plan increased from $14 to $15.20

starhub continues to sell cable broadband as the government has ceased cash incentive for cable to fibre conversion

singtel is also ending adsl support from april next year

most of the people who stuck with cable and adsl are value consumers

unless singtel and starhub fibre broadband is cheaper than m1, it is likely m1 will increase its fibre subscribers by up to 137K (43K adsl 94K cable)

m1 now has 176K fibre subscribers

m1 could end up with 313K fibre subscriber by end of 2018

that is when it would raise price to bump up the profit margin

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