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Unhappy Need Advice On Diploma Leading to Degree Matters

Hi people,

I am in my late 20s this year and currently working in a social services sector. I have messed up my life previously and have no sense of urgency for me to get a degree which will definitely helps me towards a better career advancement and higher salary.

However, I am looking to pull myself away from my current sector for a period of time as I would choose a career with greater exposure in the marketplace locally and globally coupled with higher salary.

Unfortunately, I am a 'Late Bloomer' and currently only holds a WDA Cert In WPLN , Advanced Cert in Social Services offered by Social Services Institute and N Level.

I am interested in Digital Marketing and Communications, or in Sports Related courses.

Any advice out there for me to get a diploma (part time) that will lead to a degree?

I have applied for RP Sports In Coaching (2.5 years part time course), they have yet to revert to me. I am not harboring much hope due to my entry requirements which I suspect may not meet their admission criteria.

Financially will be an issue for me hence private institute is not my consideration at this point of time and I wonder if anyone know whether Diploma (Conversion) is it also recognized as a formal diploma so I can apply for degree in the near future?

Thank you peeps!
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